In the year 1962, Professors S. Krishnaswamy and S. V. Job organized an informal club to discuss the latest advances in the field of Animal Physiology among their research groups. This entailed discussions of both aquatic and terrestrial organisms and was known simply as Aqua-Terr, since 1969, a forum for the students of the SBS to present their work on Friday of every week. As a testament to the visionary and pioneering leadership of Prof. S. Krishnaswamy in the educational and research landscape of Biology, Aqua-Terr as a research forum has been constant in providing a valuable open platform for the students to present and discuss their findings among their peers, as well as faculty of the SBS. This success was extended into annual celebrations of Aqua-Terr as a one-day conference on February 28, the “National Science Day”, celebrating the discovery of the “Raman effect” by Nobel laureate Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman ( prizes/physics/laureates/1930/). Since 2014, it became a two-day event. Since its beginning, Aqua-Terr annual conferences have become an important venue not only for showcasing the SBS research findings but also for invited speakers to provide new insights into their respective fields by way of inspiring the young researchers in Biology. The year 2019 constitutes the Golden Jubilee year: a milestone for Aqua-Terr. The "International Conference on Genome Biology and Host Defence: Bacteria to Mammals" is part of celebrating this important milestone.