The research abstract should be structured as per the given format. It should be complete with Title, Author’s name, Affiliation, Address with e-mail ID and Phone number and Abstract in order. Incomplete abstracts or those not appropriately structured will be rejected. Name of authors should start with given / first name followed by surname. Highlight the name of presenting author with an asterix. The main body of the abstract should not exceed 250 words and must be prepared in a standard format with clearly outlined Objectives/Aim, Methods, Results & Conclusions. Text with double space, Times New Roman font and letter size 12. The abstract should be submitted on or before 21.01.2019 and must be accompanied by the registration fee for all authors. The abstract received without the registration fee will not be accepted. The paper should be original one, not submitted/published elsewhere. A registered delegate is permitted to present only one paper as presenting author.

Guidelines for Poster Posters should be prepared as per following guidelines.
Title: Use a title representative of the scientific contents of your research work.

Introduction and research question: State what is known, what is unknown, your research question and experimental approach.

Materials and Methods: Explain what experiments/techniques you used in order to answer your research question. State the function of every technique/measurement and if necessary, explain why you have chosen certain techniques. Confine to essential details only.

Results: Report results that are relevant to your research question. Results may include a few data, but most data should be given in clear figures & tables, these are more accessible for the audience.

Conclusion: Give the answer to your research question.

Discussion: One sentence (Optional).

Future prospective: State the future prospective of your research very briefly.

Poster Layout Use a simple font and make sure the letters are not too small. Use a few contrasting colours in your presentation. Highlight the essential points in the poster.
Keep a short / crisp legend for your graphs/figures. You can let your results be known by using a header for graphs/figures.
The size of the poster should be 3X3 feet.

Oral Presentation Poster presentations will be evaluated by an expert committee and 10 best posters will be selected for oral presentation to present their research findings in 7 minutes. Use same guidelines given for poster presentation to prepare power point slides.